vrijdag 14 augustus 2009

Test 1 is out!

yes its serius! Hello world is the first test its only hello world on youre screen but it workz!
check the forums for more info

Im into coding!

yea its finaly time! lol maybe ill release my first test today! =D

vrijdag 7 augustus 2009

demo info

Ill start with some small tests then well see if I can code if it isnt so then I am going to ask someone for help.

team darkness


Coder: Sephiran

char sprt: ?

level disign: Sephiran

Level creator: ?

idea givers: everyone

story: Sephiran

menu designer: Sephiran

thats it I think

First Message

Oke here Ill write The progress of the game and ill post demos ect.

oke now lets start:

I am now learning to code so bout 2/3 weeks Ill try to give an test! maybe earlyer!